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Re: [IP] A Poll -- 3am check on kids

> I'm just curious if any of you routinely do a 3AM bg check or did
> you stop doing them at some point & why.

I'll post this again for the new people.

If your child is a couch potato, you might get lucky and have stable 
night time bg's. Kids are very different than adults, that is why MDI 
is so tough for them. Their bg's race up and down in response to 
hormones for growth - mensus for adolescent girls and the day's 
activities. Insulin requirements can go from just a little to 2 - 3 
times that of and adult twice their size in just a few days -- AND 
back down again in a week or two or ?? 

I've been routinely checking my daughter's bg's every night for 5 
years. What I've found is that they will be stable for a few days and 
then be exasperatingly high or dangerously low without rhyme or 
reason. Last night, for instance, when I checked she was 49.
4 glucose tablets (20g carb) + a snack  and and hour later she was 93 
-- that's a loss of at least another 50+ points. The night before 
that she was fine. The previous week, she ran in the low 200's. There 
have been no changes to basals during that time. She has a hectic 
schedule, staying up 'til 1:00 am several nights to complete school 
projects -- soccer practice every day and 2 high pressure games 
during the week against long time team rivals. (won one, lost one). 
On the high exercise days we compensate with more high protein food 
or simply eliminating some bolus insulin -- that's covered pretty 
well. Daytimes are usually fine -- nights are a real pain in the 
b--t. I will be very happy when there are a week or two of solid 
stable nights. Then maybe I won't check. Until then........

Michael dad of Lily - 16 (going on 25) pumping 5 years
email @ redacted
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