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Re: [IP] Re: Who's the expert? (Was MM vs Disetronic)

> Be assured that we have tried all sorts of different ways (including
> jumping through flaming hoops) to get Disetronic to contribute to
> this list, just the way MiniMed has. So far Michael has had
> absolutely no success at all. So, it's not for want of trying. If
> Disetronic wants to have an equal presence here we are certainly
> more than open to have them contribute.

Please don't bash "D" or anyone else, I received a nice letter from 
their president indicating that they would be sending a contribution 
to help support the list. I will make an appropriate announcment at 
that time. 

Raising funds is time consuming and difficult. I have been 
corresponding and speaking to all 3 US pump companies for some time 
about supporting Insulin Pumpers. All have indicated a willingness to 
help, it just takes a little while for the wheels of progress to 
grind forward. Encouragement from the list membership has been 
helpful, but negative comments don't help. I'd ask all of you to 
continue to encourage participation, but to be patient as I have with 
getting the wheels to turn. All of these firms have a budgeting 
process, all are aware of the benefit to be had to pumpers everywhere 
by supporting this forum.

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