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[IP] YIPPEE, They got their pump Friday

> Subject: [IP] Re: YIPEE!!!!! We got our pump today
> Yes we got our pump today. My son was just really
> excited he was going around the house just crazy we had to keep telling
> him to settle down a little.
> Lori (mom of Ryan)

I don't know how old Ryan is, but I'm going to butt in here a second. I
realize this was written yesterday, but you probably have seen many posts
here of our memories from decades of DM. I'm going to PREsume (don't want to
make a prees out of you and me -- lol) that he's about 9-10. Can you
possibly try to put yourself into his little body knowing there is something
in your house that will change his life forever. And your mom wants you to
settle down! Please, this day is a memory for him that will stay there
forever (unless he develops the Hillary Syndrome). These days will soon be
gone -- just look, the Y2K scare was over three weeks ago already! He just
cannot contain himself right now. Then will come the infusion sets and
perhaps a new *attitude* about it will develop.
    Let him enjoy this *high* he's on. He needs that thrill.
    Thanks for letting me post.
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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