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[IP] Pumping

I have been watching this pumpers for some months now.  I just started on the 
pump my self the first of the year.  I now there is a lot more experience out 
there then I have, but I have to say, I do a lot of research before I decide 
on something?  I checked with both MiniMed & Disetronic, read all the 
materiel, and talked to every one I could.  I have never had anyone from 
either company that has not been very nice to me, and help all they could.  I 
did have MiniMed send me a paper that told me all the things that Disetronic 
was short on?  I have never had Disetronic say any thing bad about MiniMed, 
other then they were not water proof.  If you are pushed into the pool with 
Disetronic, it would not be, without the little red things plugged in to it I 
don't think. I think they are both good.  They have to be?  I was going with 
MiniMed, but the Dr. had more people on Disetronic?  I am a Type 2, and have 
found that I don't have depression any more, even after a month?  So I think 
it is worth it?  Disetronic has been around for a long time over seas?  
MiniMed, I think is more ahead on technical things?  They have there problems 
They are all better then taking shots all day, and still having the readings 
going up and down.  I think it is to bad that the young people have so much 
trouble with school and all.  

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