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Re: [IP] Mommadoo

In a message dated 1/22/00 9:12:07 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Second, just because you are fat, DOESN'T mean that you don't deserve
 the same high-quality medical care as thin people. Priority number one
 is to control your BGs. Regardless of what you weigh.
I agree, Natalie! Due to an insurance change when I was pregnant with my 
fourth child,  I had to see a different Endo. than I had seen since the age 
of 11. He was known in our area as "The Pump Doc" because he was first to 
care for patients using a pump here. I thought, great, I will inquire about a 
pump for after I have the baby! I had wanted one since I was 10 and went to 
Diabetes camp in Oklahoma. This doctor was so rude and absolutely 
inconsiderate. He told me that he felt I wasn't even a Type1 Diabetic because 
of my weight(Gee, I was 6 months pregnant, ya think I had a reason for my 
weight?) He went on to tell me that never in his 10 years of practice had he 
seen an overweight Type1. I said, "Well, you have now!" After running a 
C-Peptide and finding out that I indeed am a Type1, he proceeds to tell me 
that I will never be on a pump because I have too much insulin resistance and 
am too heavy. I was devastated. I had dreamed of a pump for 16 years at that 
point and my dream was not going to become a reality. After the baby was born 
in May of 98, I went back to my old Endo. (another insurance change). At my 
first visit with him, he told me he thought I would be a great candidate for 
the pump and told me that he wanted me to come back in 4 weeks to start the 
process. Well, after several months of working with MiniMed and 2 more 
insurance changes, I finally got on the pump! I have been on it for a year 
now and love the flexibility! My A1c came up, but I truly believe it is 
because I don't run these constant highs and then bottom out twice a day. My 
usual A1c was between 5.8 and 6.3, and it rose to a 7.0, which is about where 
the doc wants it to be. I believe my last A1c was a *truer* reading than 
before since I don't have the wild hi/lo swings anymore. If your doctor 
pushes you to not go on the pump, find a new doctor that will work with you. 
I know it can be hard to change doctors after you have been with one for so 
long, but sometimes you have to look out for yourself and do what you know in 
your heart is best. God bless : )

 Ami in FL
dx'd at age 9
MM 507C since 1/99
last A1c- 7.0
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