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[IP] Re: You do the calculations on how much time it takes just simply deleting all your email


I use the digest which gives me only 3 or 4 deletions per day.

Another approrach is set up a mailbox or folder in your email program. Most
have a tool that will automatically direct email by sender or other
properties to that mail box ( I call mine "Diabetes"). Then all you have to
do is Select all (Usually found under Edit) and push the Delete key and all
messages will be deleted.  In Outlook Express, the program I use, I have set
the properties of my diabetes folder to automatically delete all of the
messages in the deleted folder.

Most email programs have similar tools.

I usually spend about 10 to 15 minutes scanning the digest.  Sometimes when
I am too busy to read the digest, I delete them all before reading.

I hope that these tips may help you to stay subscribed to this useful forum

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