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Re: [IP] Diabetes "Educators" Who Know Too Little -- aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

Dawn wrote:

>>Ahhh, that refreshing oblivious attitude we all get to deal with from time
to time.....I stopped going to support groups a number of years back for
that very reason.  I am on MDI, and have quite a bit of flexibility with
that - but the reason my doc wants me on a pump is because I will get better
control (last HbA1C a 7.2......uck - we would like to see it below a
six.....).  She feels it will help get rid of my 'humps' in my
readings.....one morning a 457, a 69 later that afternoon, a 253 at
bedtime....argh!!!  'We'll get that rollercoaster on a gentler slope,' my
doc said.  <<

I would love to have your endo.  While on MDI my A1C's are in the upper 6's,
my endo would like to see them in the lower 7's, because he says I would
have fewer low blood sugars!!!!!  That's my main problem, the roller coaster
ride. I find it so exhausting!  I can go from 300 to 38 in a matter of
minutes!  My endo is not pro pump and would never suggest a pump for anyone
with good A1C's although he said he would support whatever decision I made.
I will say, however, that the educators at his office have sent me a notice
for an orientation and seminar on pump use being held this Wednesday.  So
they know I am interested... (now they know I'm very interested since I
called immediately and registered for this seminar).  Keep your fingers
crossed for me, as soon as I get my new contract numbers for the insurance
I'm going for it.  And if I finally get my pump, I'm gonna depend on of all
you here to answer all my questions and help me out with the day to day
workings of the pump and infusion sets (I think I have so many questions
about infusion sets most of all).  Thanks for being here... :)

Type 1 for 37 years

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