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[IP] Middle of Night - Site Changes

Ok everyone - 
I made it though the 1st site change w/ Kap pumping insulin.
Kap was high 314 at 1:30am - did a bolus 1.5 units to lower bgs
and high 340 at 2:30am 
Ok - lets do a site change!
Kap is sleeping w/ Dad - 
Me - I am writing to u guys at 3 am in the morning!
Spike the dog (herding type) is in the house - too cold -even for garage.
So - here we sit - doing at site change at 2:30am
Spike starts going crazy - trying to jump on the bed. 
Kap is awake by now - went to bathroom and needed something to drink
- and I did see 1 eye of hubby's.
Insert goes well - Reconnected and Bolus for high again.
But when i took out the neddle (Micros) i laid it on the top of blankets.
So - Site change took 5 minutes.
Site ran just a little - red infection.  - But I was prepared - after all I 
have Read every posting from IPs
Also, after I took the site off Kap I bolused 2 units to see if the cannula 
was bent.  But it wasnt - it looked like everything was going through it 
good.  My curiousity was satisfied.  Ok - bgs must not have come down due to 
Time will tell!
Putting to good use - info received from IP list!
Mom to Kap - age 9 - pumping

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