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Re: [IP] keytones with good #'s ?

I was just told by one of the doctors in my endo's practice (she was the 
doctor on call when I was sick) that my good numbers but high ketones were 
called "starvation ketones," due to lack of food.  She suggested eating or 
drinking regular soda and giving enough insulin to bring me back down...and 
doing this for about 3 hrs, every half an hour.  Sure enough, it 
worked...ketones were gone.  Also wanted to mention that this happened to me 
at diabetes camp one summer, I had good numbers but high ketones EVERY 
morning for a month...I lost 25 lbs and felt like crap in the process.  
Nobody knew what was going on.  It was probably the same thing, either that 
or else something crazy was going on during the night.  I checked my sugars 
every morning at 3 am and it seemed as though I was rebounding, not sure why. 
 Hope this helps.  Kelly
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