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[IP] Re: Reservoirs

> MiniMed advises that you not re-use cartridges because each cartridge
> contains a small amount of lubricant

>>we don't reuse the cartridges...but the INSULIN from the old cartridge.


I understand that.  My intent was to let people know there was a reason
besides love of filthy lucre that MM recommends changing the cartridge with
each site change.  Holly had implied they do this because it lets them sell
more reservoirs.  But there are also sound operational reasons for this
I know there are people on this list who do re-use cartridges and think it
is important to let them know there is a good reason not to and what the
potential risk is.
I only learned about the lubricant after speaking with several MM support
people, all of whom asked me whether I re-used cartridges. They only told me
about the lubricant when I asked them why they all asked this question.  So
I wasn't sure whether this information is widely known.
I did not intend to suggest that this thread was about re-using reservoirs.
I'm terribly sorry if I've offended anyone.  That was not my intent.  Now
let's put it to bed.

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