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Re: [IP] Re: Diabetes "Educators" Who Know Too Little -- aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

> 'Just a few of the things she told the parents that
> really raised my eyebrows: "your kids need to eat the same thing at the
> same time every day" and "oh, no, pumps are only for those patients who
> have their blood sugars under control, and even then we won't consider
> them until they are in their teens."  Yes, I tried to KINDLY enlighten
> her (sliding scales, pumps for kids) but just got blank stares from
> everyone.........'

Ahhh, that refreshing oblivious attitude we all get to deal with from time
to time.....I stopped going to support groups a number of years back for
that very reason.  I am on MDI, and have quite a bit of flexibility with
that - but the reason my doc wants me on a pump is because I will get better
control (last HbA1C a 7.2......uck - we would like to see it below a
six.....).  She feels it will help get rid of my 'humps' in my
readings.....one morning a 457, a 69 later that afternoon, a 253 at
bedtime....argh!!!  'We'll get that rollercoaster on a gentler slope,' my
doc said.  Awesome!!!!  I have heard the above response before though, and I
think it's baloney - WE all KNOW what goes on;  they have a GUESS because
they don't LIVE with it (whether you are a family member or the diabetic
yourself.  Both live with it).  (no offense to those in the
professional/medical standpoint)    And yes, I have dealt with some
wonderful CDE's who through their copious experiences with diabetics, are
'surrogate' diabetics to the T - the ones who if they got it, it wouldn't
put too much of a kink in thier lives!  ;)

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