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Re: [IP] Re: Reusing reservoirs/insulin

> > Do you then fill the same reservoir with more
> insulin, or put it all in a new reservoir -- if so, how?

this is what we do, linda.

1.  take NEW cartridge already filled,  with the syringe still screwed on.
2.  insert into OLD cartridge at leur lock  (after removing OLD tubing)..and
suck out whatever insulin is left
3.  tap out bubbles.
4.  remove syringe
5.  put on new tubing
6.  plunge until insulin drips out like usual
7.  prime pump etc etc

 > Isn't insulin OK for a month at room temperature,

just a habit.  we prefill 6 at a time.

> and is there any problem with bringing it to room temp to fill, chilling
> again, then bringing to room temp to use?

nope...that's exactly what we do.

humalog comes out.  leave at room temp.  fill cartridges.  back in fridge
they go.


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