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[IP] thinking about quitting the pump

>Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 23:33:30 EST
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] thinking about quitting the pump
>I need some help here.  My 14 year old daughter
>started the pump a year ago last December.  Since
then >her #'s have never been better.  Tonight she
>that she is thinking about going back to shots
>she is dreading this summer and how hard it is to
find >clothes that work with the pump.  

When I started pumping 10 months ago, my biggest
challenge was wearing the pump. There were multiple
reasons: 1) it was uncomfortable, 2) it made getting
selecting clothing difficult, and 3) it generated
questions at work, again and again... I am an adult
but can relate to where your daughter is coming from.
She is lucky to have mother who is so understanding. I
am so appreciative of all the hours my Mom spent
helping me figure out where in the heck to wear the

>I told her that I would support whatever she wanted
to >do but that she would be giving up a lot of
freedom >and she said at least she would be able to
wear >whatever she wanted to.  She is so self
conscious >about the pump and doesn't want anyone to
see it.  Not >that her friends don't know and aren't
supportive but >because she hates it when people that
don't know ask >her what it is?  I know that if she
went back to shots >she would not be happy but what
can I do to make her >happier with the pump and to not
be so self conscious? 

Diabetes is hard and sometimes kids have to grow up
fast. I think each pumper has to decide to make the
best of it. Even if you found the "perfect" clothing
solution to make her "happy" she may still hate pump
therapy. It is probably difficult to sell a teenager
on the health benefits. My parents tried the threats
-- kidney disease, blindness -- it never worked with
me. Just created guilt. 

Has she tried writing down all the pros and cons of
going off the pump? Ask her take one piece of paper
and make a pros and cons column, and write for 30
minutes. Perhaps, this exercise would help her find
her own reason to keep pumping. 

>Any fashion tips?  

I found support from several areas. One this website,
I knew if their were other women wearing the pump, so
could I. Let your pump company know she is ready to
quit pumping because of the clothing issue. 3 Weeks
after starting, I called Disetronic and told them I
was ready to ship the pumps back because I couldn't
find a comfortable place to wear it. They had pumpers
within their company provide wonderful ideas and also
recommended calling Unique Pumping Accessories. The
woman who started the company did so because she was a
pumper who experienced the same dilemmas as your
daughter. The goal of Unique is to offer alternatives
to help people wear pumps comfortably, privately and
successfully. I think she would relate to your
teenager very well. She gave me several suggestions,
some not even using her products. (I have ordered her
products, and found them to be of high quality)


I wear my pump in one place, whether I am working,
exercising or swimming. I bought a Lily of France
Sweater Bra (Dillards, Jones Store) which is padded,
put the pump in a Gap Infant Sock, safety pinned it to
the inside front center of the bra facing horizontal
with the bolus buttons facing up. Even when I wear
tight silky shirts, no one can see the thing. When I
bolus I just put a napkin or jacket in front of my
chest and push the buttons. The Disetronic even lets
you turn off the bolus beeps. (I don't though, but a
self conscious teenager might want to) Maybe your
daughter could find a bra that would work for her.
Miracle Bras have inside pockets you can slip the pump

>Sorry for going on and on.  
>But I need some advice here. 
>Anne (mom of 14 year old pumper since 12/98)

Please keep us posted either way. Even if she decides
to go off the pump, it may be a learning experience
for her. 

Best Wishes,

Andrea Seitz
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