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Re: [IP] Re: Who's the expert? (Was MM vs Disetronic)

On 20 Jan 00, at 20:01, Jack Granowski wrote:

> I am continually amazed at the disinformation that is being put forward on D's, by
> presumably MM users.  I called the D info number (800-280-7801) who seemed to agree
> that MM must be intentionally giving out false information on D's, through there
> rep's.  

It's about even on misinformation...  the D reps that I've met really harp on 
the mistaken idea that water kills MM pumps.   

> D, YMMV.  Now, if an MM sales rep told me that diabetics should use insulin, I would
> have to investigate it further, to make sure.

If a sales person in general says something it should always be checked 
> These are the only ones I can think of for now, there is more.  I'm sure that there
> have been inaccuracies posted on MM's. I don't know what they are, but there must be.

There have been many posted on the list and like the D anecdotes they 
continue to cycle through.  

> Normally when D users post, they are telling what they like about their pump, or
> answering inaccuracies of the D.  Often, when MMer's post, it is to put down the D and
> to say 'let's see your pump do that'.  If someone would post proof for any of the
> above claims, I would guess that D would be interested in seeing something written
> down that could be responded to.

Hmmm... If MM user says they like the square wave function they are apt to 
get flamed by a D user saying "nya nya nya nya I can jump in the swimming 
pool"  (been on the receiving end of some of those)...  So I guess if a MM 
user posts something other that problem with their pump it is a "put down" 
on the D, especially if it's something that the D cannot do...  But if a D user 
posts that all MM pumps are water soluble junk that's "telling what she 
likes about her pump" and not a negative post?  

> I suggested to Disetronic that they should be members of this list (they thought it
> was an MM outlet) which would be a plus for all, as the more participation the better.

If they would respond to e-mail or phone calls they might have a chance to 
figure out what the list is...  Several of us e-mailed them about donations to 
the site and I know I never got an acnowledgment from "big D"...  Reviewing 
my e-mail pile I noticed that many D users seem to have a chip on their 
shoulder where their pump is concerned.... Many MM users do to so it's 
really easy to get into a chip-flipping contest... 

> I am not putting down the MM pump. My only statements on the pump were positive.  I am
> putting down those who use only sales people as sources.

But you made some pretty pointed accusations/insinuations there...  It's 
really easy to understand why people tend to get attached to their pumps 
and get into the "evangelist" style when talking about their choice of pump... 
It's a big investment - if not of cash because of the insurance company then 
of time and effort...  we are attached to these things - I am not kidding 
when I talk about "Assimilation Day"... my pump will function fine without 
me but I'm in trouble without it...  So like other affinity groups we tend to 
maximize our "good vibes" by seeking others who endorse our decision... 
This explains why the choice of a pump sometimes sounds almost like a 
religious decision (like using a Mac, Windows or Linux is!)... it's a decision 
that most of us have to live with for a while once we've made it so we 
normally seek reinforcment that we've made the right decision...

That all said, both pumps are good products that are made to high standards 
of quality.  Both companies reps are guilty of "salesmanship" and tend to 
emphasize the negatives of the competition... but have you ever tried to get 
a Chevy salesman to say something good about a Mazda?  And as users we 
tend to fall into patterns... I really don't care about the "waterproofness" 
or "hot spare" ability of the D pumps...  In my mind (which is where the 
decisions about pumping are made) there is a negative association with a 
supplier giving me a "spare"...  I've just got 25 years of work experience 
with computers that informs that "mindset"...  and I'm not really worried if 
I fall off my sailboat while wearing my MM pump because it won't be 
damaged by my attempting to swim in the lake...  Someone else who uses a D 
pump and is a competetive swimmer doesn't really care about all the neat 
things that the MM pump will do because in their environment some other 
factor is predominant...  We must remember that there are two pump 
companies active in the US at the moment and it looks like there is at least 
one more ready to enter the market... Hopefully the growth in this area will 
increase the competition so that pumps and supplies will drop in price and 
more people will be able to use them...

D or MM?  It doesn't matter one bit...  what matters is that you are using 
one of them to improve your life by actually taking charge of your health 
and working to educate yourself and those around you...  Like I told a group 
a few years ago - "It doesn't matter which side of the church you sit on - 
just as long as you're here with us..."

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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