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[IP] Ultralente vs the pump

Hi Tara,

I'm a 47 year old diabetic who has been on the pump (MM 508) for less
than 2 weeks.  Prior to that I was using ultralente, lente, and humalog
(I've used that routine for 15+ years--well regular instead of humalog,
but otherwise the same).

So far the difference has been quite dramatic.  I've had very few
readings over 200, and fewer lows than usual (though still some lows).
Yes there are hassles (wearing it all the time, etc.), but so far it
seems more than worth it.  The ultralente simply is not a very good
substitute for the constant drip (well, much more constant) of insulin
supplied by the pump.  That has been the big difference.  I've never had
blood sugars this stable--though still have my ups and downs of course.
Counting carbohydrates more precisely (# of grams) has helped too.  I
was doing it sort of before, but am doing it more carefully now.  The
third factor is increased blood sugar testing.  Though this takes a bit
of time, I think it is more than worth it in that I feel better a larger
percentage of the day.

By the way, for those discussing MM vs. Disotronic, just like the
warranty is not really a factor in choosing one over the other (they are
both pretty close), I would also say another non-issue is the rate of
delivery:  I don't care if my 0.5 units of insulin is delivered in 3
minute intervals (Dis.) or 12 minute intervals (MM); likewise whether my
bolus is delivered in one minute or three.  These are non-issues
compared with the old method of ultralente to simulate the basal
rate--and as Tara has said, ultralente really doesn't do that good a
job.  I was shown both types by my diabetes educator, and actually chose
MM primarily because they have been doing it in the U.S. for so long,
and because I think their future research is a little ahead of Dis.  For
methe big temptation with Dis. was two pumps rather than one--that makes
it a tough decision, in my opinion.

So far (two weeks), I have been very impressed with the MM people I've
talked to--they were knowledgeable and helpful.  I'm sure the same is
true for the Dis. folks as well.

Anyway, Tara, I'd strongly encourage you to go on the pump.  I think
you'll be very happy with the results.


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