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Re: [IP] thinking about quitting the pump

Maybe you could make some sort of deal with your daughter. Is she
concerned about summer clothes in general, or specifically swimsuits? If
just swimsuits maybe she could disconnect from the pump while in the
suit, and hook-up periodically to bolus the missed basal amount
(hourly?).  Or if she can't hide the site under the suit and doesn't
want it seen, maybe she could take a "pump vacation" for the day
(assuming she isn't in the suit everyday...). As a last resort, maybe
you could strike a deal that she gets to go off of the pump for a set
period of time during the summer (few weeks?), but MUST go back on it at
the end of that time. Of course enforcing the strict MDI regimen during
that time, and hoping she will get sick of it and switch back early :)
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