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Re: [IP] Misinformation (was something else)

Maureen wrote;
> When I was trying to choose pumps, I found misinformation about
both of
> them.  ***Personally*** (and underline it as well), I found that
the D rep
> gave more misinformation than the MM rep.  However both were
trying to get
> me to buy THEIR product, and knew I was considering the other.

> The biggest misconception with the MM that I have found is its
ablitiy to
> deal with water.  You should not swim with it, but it isn't going
> necessarily quit if it gets dunked.

I knew that there were some of MM, but this isn't really a
misconception.  I'm going to guess that no one at MM will recommend
that it's users can swim or shower with impunity.  Maybe 5%, or 95%,
of the time an MM will not have a problem, but there is the chance,
one that I, personally, would not want to take.  What I have heard
the most on this list is that the MM is water resistant, while the D
is waterproof, which seems to be what you are claiming.  I am glad
to hear that a dunk does not automatically shut down the pump.

I think that the other examples (beeper, etc.) while not true with
the more recent crop of MM pumps, they were true at one time.  This
is a little different from claiming something that was never true,
and never could be true (imo).

It is best, as many have been mentioning, that each only comment on
what their own personal experiences indicate, or what can be
objectively researched.  There are a few users of both types on the
list, and even they may not have experience on features of the new
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.
 - Lily Tomlin

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