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[IP] Re: Reusing reservoirs/insulin

I saw a reference to this awhile ago, but would like more information on the 
idea of not wasting insulin by pulling it back into the reservoir from the 
tubing after disconnecting.  Do you then fill the same reservoir with more 
insulin, or put it all in a new reservoir -- if so, how?  It seems that you 
could push it back into the insulin bottle, but I wonder how safe that is -- 
risk of insulin 'going bad, etc.'  And while I'm asking, it seems like a 
great idea to prefill reservoirs/cartridges, but I'm unclear why you put them 
back in the refrigerator.  Isn't insulin OK for a month at room temperature, 
and is there any problem with bringing it to room temp to fill, chilling 
again, then bringing to room temp to use?  Thanks.
Linda G
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