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Re: [IP] Tight-fitting clothes...BUT ...?

how do you give yourself
>a bolus without leaving the table?? I am planning to attach it to the
>of my upperleg using a velcro tensor bandage cut to fit (don't want
>too bulky). It has a high neckline so getting at it in bra area would mean
>having to undress myself first. I do not have a remote control!
>How do I do this discreetly? Any suggestions?

Depending on how high up you are wearing it, it could be done in a subtle
fashion.  If it's closer to the knee area, I've seen many women attend to
this area while adjusting a skirt, pulling stockings up tighter, etc.  If
it's a VERY formal high-decorum type of event, you may want to do your
testing & bolus in the ladies room/lounge simply to avoid any social
faux-pas.  If it's less formal, the suggestion offered here might work - I'd
try it at home first (a dress rehearsal is ALWAYS helpful if you are unsure
of the potential visual presentation <g>)...now if you are wearing it in a
much higher position, it's a little tough to maneuver that one!  When I wore
it in my bra last week (under the breast & sort of to the outside), it was
very easy to bolus...it looked, if anyone was even paying attention, like I
was simply reaching across with my right hand to smooth my dress along the
sideseam in my left ribcage area.  (Yes, I did this at home in front of a
mirror first, to make sure it would work!)

I agree with Michael's garter suggestion as well.  I picked up a couple of
knee-brace-type bandages a month or so ago to try wearing as a "poor man's
thigh thing" & found that, unless I make them as tight as a tourniquet (not
a good option), they are not crazy about staying up for prolonged periods of
time.  Haven't tried the biking shorts method yet, but I'm thinking that has
good possibilities...especially if you were to roll them (under or over) so
that the pump is secure in the "cuff" created on the inside of the leg.
Also, we've all probably got different feelings on this one, but I've seen
the idea of just wearing it in the crotch area posted...maybe hose then pump
then panties, or two sets of panties with pump sandwiched in
between...although on this one I would DEFINITELY not attempt to bolus at
the table!  <VBG>

Whatever you decide to do, my advice is to try wearing it around home first,
to make sure there isn't some aspect that will prove unexpectedly
uncomfortable for you.  Best of luck, & let us know what works!


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