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Re: [IP] lost you sammi, cartidge change

>>if the cartridge is relatively low
>> (below 40, for this), I go ahead & change the set on the pump & prime
>> the old cartridge, then switch to a new cartridge with the full 315 in
>> place.
>walk me through this again, please.
>the prime part confused me.  are you unscrewing the cartridge from the


I disconnect myself first (I use Tenders/Sils) with pump in "stop" mode.
Next I unscrew the old tubing & switch to new tubing so that I now have old,
nearly empty cartridge attached to new set's tubing.  I prime to fill up the
new tubing, then when that has been done, I exchange the old cartridge for
the new one, & reset the pump for new cartridge, which has all 315 units in
it...the 20 in the tubing is a bonus amount, which has helped me out in a
"no new cartridge ready" pinch due to poor planning.  (It's always
something... <g> )  Does that make sense?  I'm sure that there are those out
there who won't agree with this method, but it's working here very well, & I
like the comfort of knowing somewhere in the back of my mind that I've got a
little extra on board...it's also kept me from wasting that last bit of
insulin that's left in the old cartridge.  Even though my prescription is
generous, so cost with my copay is not high, I hate the idea of wasting it.


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