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[IP] sexy pump clothes for "big girls"

okay.. so this probably isn't something that i'd recommend to a 14 year
old... but i was really excited when i discovered this, so i just had to
share....  usually when i wear my D pump, i put it in the "bra case" and
hang it from my panties, under my clothes...  however, i have just
discovered that for "special" occaisions...  traditional (but super-sexy)
garters and stockings have some distinct advantages...  the first has
nothing at all to do with my pump, and everything to do with being tall...
garters are much more forgiving of this than normal pantyhose or tights...
second...  i can just put my pump in the top of the stocking, and the
elastic of the stocking holds it up...  and the effect of fancy
undergarments is unspoiled by my practical, but somewhat mundane flannel
case...  just a thought for those ladies out there looking for "sexy"
options...  ;)


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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