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[IP] Misinformation (was something else)

When I was trying to choose pumps, I found misinformation about both of
them.  ***Personally*** (and underline it as well), I found that the D rep
gave more misinformation than the MM rep.  However both were trying to get
me to buy THEIR product, and knew I was considering the other.

The biggest misconception with the MM that I have found is its ablitiy to
deal with water.  You should not swim with it, but it isn't going to
necessarily quit if it gets dunked.  This summer, I accidentally swam with
it for somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour (I thought I put it in its
case, but I really didn't).  All was well.  I've also showered with it on
(accidentally, I was prewashing my clothes at the same time, so I forgot
about my pump), and it was good to go.  The only time I've had a problem
with it was when I got a lot of sand in it.  I was also told that I
couldn't see or tell how much insulin was left in my pump if I choose a MM.
 I would love an alarm to tell me when I am getting low on insulin (which
the 508 does have), but if I remember, it is no problem to eye how much
insulin I have left.  Also, you HAVE to look at your pump to bolus.  The
507C (I don't know about earilier MM) has an audio bolus.  If I so desire
(which I did only to learn how to do it), I can use that feature to
bolus... no looking necessary.  I can bolus through clothing if I choose to
(however since my pump is always clipped to the waistband above my right
hip, I like looking).

In all honesty, the thing that swayed me most towards MM was I like how it
looks better.  And for some unknown reason, I like how it clips to me
better.  While these might seem like little things, they are what made me
choose MM.  I knew both of them would do the same thing with getting me the
insulin (personally I think weather it gives me insulin every 3 minutes or
whenever I need .1 of a unit is such an insignificant detail... before the
smallest amount I would take is .5!)

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