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Re: [IP] thinking about quitting the pump

email @ redacted wrote:
> NO, she still doesn't "love it", but with maturity,
> she's accepted that everyone has to contend with things they'd rather not
> face.

What a GREAT kid!!!!  :)  That attitude will serve her well in life!  :)

I think it's hard for parents to let kids deal with things themselves --
and especially hard during the teen years. It's like we have to grow up
with our kids, and sometimes they grow up faster than WE do!!!!  :)

My son (now 26 and not diabetic) spent a lot of time and energy teaching
me that it's HIS life, not mine. I've finally learned the lesson, but it
took a lot of effort on my part.

I think that the teen years are a time of learning for BOTH parent and
child -- and one of the first things that must be done is to help the
child learn to make good decisions herself, rather than imposing them.

So I think Anne might consider working out a way for her daughter to
compare shots and pumping -- keep records over a period of time on the
pump and on shots, list the emotional pros and cons, and come to a
conscious, calculated decision about which is the lesser of the two
evils. But in the end, I think the decision should be up to the
daughter. Always remembering that it can be revisited at any time.

Another issue for parents of diabetic teenagers, I think, is that you
DON'T live with it all the time in the same way the child does. You
can't get inside their heads! 

This is actually true of ALL teenagers. You would LOVE to be able to
relieve some of that stress, but it's really something they have to work
out themselves. At their own pace and in their own way. It's VERY
frustrating to have to stand by patiently and let them do that! 

Anyhow, here's cyberhugs and moral support to ALL parents of teenagers! 

Off soapbox!  :)
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