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Re: [IP] Reservior/cartridge changes

><< but had to change it anyway
> becuase my resevoir would have been empty (<20u left).
>  >>

>We are not going to be changing cartledges every time he does a site
>Just when insulin has been used up - then put in a new cartledge!
>Of course - he will disconnect and prime and then reconnect.
>Humalog Insulin is good for 28 days w/o fridge.  So why change
>reservior/cartledge w/ site changes.
>Am I missing something - if so - educate me!


I don't think you are missing something here at all...I too was puzzled by
the reference to changing sets due to an empty res./cartridge.  I change
cartridges about every 8-10 days, & sets every 4-5 - which means sometimes
those things happen together, & sometimes they don't!  One thing I do like
to do (when the timing works out) is, if the cartridge is relatively low
(below 40, for this), I go ahead & change the set on the pump & prime with
the old cartridge, then switch to a new cartridge with the full 315 in
place.  Maybe it sounds like overkill as far as having extra insulin
potentially on board, but to me it feels like that tiny bit of extra
security you get when your gas tank carries a few bonus gallons - if you
inadvertently get stuck in a situation where you are close to "empty" & have
no way to reload immediately, I like having that built-in safety buffer.

Also, I don't know if you're doing this or not on loading (it's been
mentioned here before, but I know that Kap hasn't been up-and-pumping that
long!), but we do the "load several cartridges at a time" routine here.  I
get my insulin prescription filled & then my husband & I sit down in the
living room, light candles (LOTS, for good lighting!),  put on some romantic
music, & spend a little quality time together filling cartridges.  :)  Yes,
our idea of romance may be a little skewed...but we have a really good time,
& it doesn't take long at all!  Sometimes it becomes a game...who can
eliminate their bubbles faster, who can get every last drop out of a
bottle...  Then we recap & put them in a little Tupperware bowl in the
fridge, & we're done for another month.  When I notice my current cartridge
is below 50, I get one out of the fridge in the morning & let it sit out &
warm, then change it that evening.

Congratulations to Kap on becoming a "full-fledged pumper"...& to you, for
being a wonderful mom whose dedication shows in your posts.  Following your
progress on here brings a smile to my face - good luck to both of your in
the grand adventure of pumping, & thanks for sharing!


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