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This came on email today, and I thought many might be interested to know
Lori A. Willey

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> Virginia public schools must now train their employees to administer both
> insulin and glucagon shots to children with diabetes.
> According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), an agreement was
> reached by the federal Office of Civil Rights of the Department of
> Education (OCR) and Loudoun County Public Schools after parents complained
> about Loudoun County school officials refusing to administer life-saving
> glucagon injections to students suffering from severe insulin reactions.
> Parents Crystal Jackson and Sandi Pope feared that the health of their
> diabetic children was in danger.
> Loudoun County school officials had earlier said that only registered
> nurses could administer the shots, but nurses were not available at all
> Loudoun County schools. The school district adopted a policy that called
> for dialing ``911'' rather than have non-medical personnel administer
> glucagon. Jackson and Pope responded by saying that their children could
> die or suffer brain damage in the seven to ten minutes in might take for
> emergency personnel to arrive.
> "We were being asked to send our children to school with the knowledge
> if they needed life-saving medication, no one at the school would provide
> it,'' said Pope.
> Along with Jackson, Pope claimed that refusal to provide this service and
> other services necessary for children with diabetes to receive a "free
> appropriate public education," constituted discrimination in violation of
> Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This law prohibits
> discrimination on the basis of disability in programs and activities that
> receive federal financial assistance.
> The OCR agreed to take on the issue and their investigation ended with the
> signing of a Commitment to Resolve dated October 25, 1999. The new OCR
> agreement specifies that the Loudoun County school district must:
> * provide trained school personnel to accompany children with diabetes on
> field trips, during extra-curricular activities, and on the bus
> * provide basic training in diabetes care for all school staff who have
> immediate custodial care of children with diabetes at school, and
> * develop and implement a Health Care Plan for each student with diabetes,
> setting out the reasonable accommodations needed for that specific child
> ``We are hopeful that the resolution of our discrimination problems will
> help others whose schools refuse to provide these accommodations,'' Ms.
> Jackson said. "Schools must be willing to administer glucagon and insulin,
> must be willing to allow a child to have a snack, must be willing to do
> blood sugar testing, permit extra absences for doctors' appointments and
> illness, and give the child an opportunity to make up missed work and
> tests.''
> Dr. Ann Albright, chair of the ADA's Advocacy Committee, says the ADA
> constantly receives calls from parents whose school systems discriminate
> against children with diabetes.
> "We believe this agreement will help us in our fight to put an end to this
> discrimination and protect the health of children with diabetes in schools
> and day care centers."
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