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Re: Stress Effect on Bgs (was)[IP] 2pm lows

When my stress level gets way out of line my bgs become less
predictable, though not anywhere near as bad since the pump.  Before I
lost hypo symptoms, extreme stress levels tended to temporarily
eliminate symptoms.  I was beyond stressed-out at work (some idiot had
poorly managed a system so I had 2 month to do 6 or more months of work
and working 12+ hours a day.  I remember taking an test in a class on
Artificial Intelligence (not exactly a multiple choice test <g>) and
being unable to comprehend what I was reading.  I finally figured I was
low and went and got a candy bar.  By the time my bgs came up enough
that I could form a coherent thought, the class was over and all I had
on my test was gibberish.  Luckily the teacher let me take the test

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