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[IP] Reservior/cartridge changes

In a message dated 1/20/00 10:16:26 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< but had to change it anyway
 becuase my resevoir would have been empty (<20u left).

OK - group - Kap is pumping w/ Diestronic pump - this pump has a cartledge 
that holds 3.15 ml - or 315 units.
He will use about 40 units a day - 
So he should use a cartledge - give or take every 7 days.
I was told to change cartridge when it was lower than he would need for the 
day or just make a mental note or note in book - so he wouldnt run out.
We are not going to be changing cartledges every time he does a site change.
Just when insulin has been used up - then put in a new cartledge!
Of course - he will disconnect and prime and then reconnect.
Humalog Insulin is good for 28 days w/o fridge.  So why change 
reservior/cartledge w/ site changes.
Am I missing something - if so - educate me!
I know there are some larger cartledges - but smaller?
Mom to Kap - (my little pumper) vbg
BTW - #s are looking good


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