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Re: [IP] Belly Basals vs "Butt" basals???

Andrea wrote:

>Today, I was talking to my CDE (who has very few pump
>patients) and she said they don't recommend doing
>sites in the buttocks area only the abdomen. She had
>never heard of doing the ribcage area either, which
>works great for me if I insert the Tender at a 10 to
>20 degree angle. Do you use the ribcage area?

The abdomen is still generally the best area for absorption. I don't have 
enough "real estate" in the rib cage area to try this, though I have 
managed in the area just below the rib cage. As far as "never" using the 
buttocks area, I've kind of run out of good spots after 42 + years of 
injections, infusion sets, etc. I used my buttocks exclusively last year 
for three months to give my abdomen a rest - worked o.k., (but the timing 
is different).

>I frequently rotate to the buttocks and have found,
>like you, the time it take insulin which is bolused to
>start working/lowering blood sugar levels is longer.
>When you say, "Your basals are slightly off..." Do you
>mean the timing or the overall amount of insulin you
>need is more? I haven't seen any difference in my
>basals (May not be smart enough to notice... Ha! Ha!)

My comment about my basals being "slightly off" refers to the timing, not 
the amount of insulin. For example, if I normally change a basal rate from 
.5 to .6 at 8:00 a.m. to deal with a rise in my fasting BG that starts at 
9:00, I find I need to initiate this basal increase a bit earlier than 8:00 
a.m. when using my butt. My BG numbers are not affected greatly by this 
difference, so rather than change my basal rates / times, I just correct 
with a small bolus when necessary. It keeps life simple.

I'm eager to see different methods of insulin delivery, other than 
subcutaneous. I think there is great promise with some of the new technology.

Bob Burnett

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