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Re: [IP] thinking about quitting the pump


Sorry to hear your daughter is so upset about people seeing and responding to 
her pump.  I am 34 and have been pumping 3+ years.  I mainly wear my pump on 
my waistband (where all can see) and usually the only questions I get are 
people asking if it is a pager.  When I explain it is an insulin pump people 
are usually very interested and want to find out more (they usually know 
someone with diabetes and want to pass the info along).

As far as summer outfits go the pump can be hooked out of sight onto a bra or 
underneath a skirt (shorts may be trickier!).  Knowing her feelings this must 
be a difficult situation for your daughter.  I have had diabetes since I was 
10 and I encourage her to share it with family, friends and others who have 
questions.  It is amazing how positive responses are and to know people are 
so interested in up to date info. on this disease. She will get a lot of 
encouraging feed bad and be surprised at just how many people have a diabetic 
somewhere in their lives (family, friends, co-workers, teachers, etc.) and 
want to tell their story too.  She definitely is not alone!  I wish you lots 
of luck!

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