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Re: [IP] thinking about quitting the pump

HI Anne ,

 I am 27 yr old Diabetic woman for 18 yrs .. so I went though that stage with 
the pump at 14 ... I was  very open about my pump and still am have  always 
put it on my side ... but yes if you do not want it to show it can be hard in 
the summer... I know as far as shorts it can go into a pocket ,.. but for a 
bathing suit this is a challenge .. I guess I am writing to let you know and 
your daughter that I was there ... one thing that helped me was Camp I went 
to Clara Barton Camp in Mass.. seeing other people like me and some on the 
pump helped me alot .. with support grounps and people having highs and lows 
around me ... help me see I was not alone .. has you daughter been to camp ?? 
maybe would want to give it a try ?? ..

 I admire you for letting her make her own decisions .. my mom took a little 
longer but  she did bring me to camp to see .. 

sometime what we did if I was swimming at home .. I could take the pump off 
for one hr as long as I was activly swimming ... < advise the doc on this of 
course >  but at the beach I have the water protector pack .. does make the 
pump look larger though .. just write down your pros and cons and hope that 
it will work out ... 

I just wanted to let you both know I was there puberty til about 18 yrs old 
were not my favorite times but I made it though and know you will too .. good 
luck .. Julie P .
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