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[IP] thinking about quitting the pump

I need some help here.  My 14 year old daughter started the pump a year ago 
last December.  Since then her #'s have never been better.  Tonight she said 
that she is thinking about going back to shots because she is dreading this 
summer and how hard it is to find clothes that work with the pump.  I told 
her that I would support whatever she wanted to do but that she would be 
giving up a lot of freedom and she said at least she would be able to wear 
whatever she wanted to.  She is so self conscious about the pump and doesn't 
want anyone to see it.  Not that her friends don't know and aren't supportive 
but because she hates it when people that don't know ask her what it is?  I 
know that if she went back to shots she would not be happy but what can I do 
to make her happier with the pump and to not be so self consious?  Any 
fashion tips?  She said that I have no idea what it is like to be hooked up 
to something all of the time and I know she is right,  I don't  have any 
idea.  Another part of the problem is that we are so isolated she doesn't 
know anyone else that has a pump.  I think that would help a lot if she had 
another girl her age to talk to and to see that she isn't alone.  Sorry for 
going on and on.  But I need some advice here.  Thanks!!!!!

Anne (mom of 14 year old pumper since 12/98)
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