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Re: [IP] panic (was D. prank)

I would have the thought "Oh no!  I>haven't had a shot in a REALLY long 
time!!!"  A look of complete panic went>across my face.

>Maureen (who can not wait for the day she is cured and panics about where
>her pump and meter are)

  *lol* Maureen, you may not have to wait until a cure for that to happen! I 
didn't . . .most times I don't even remember that my pump is there, because 
I can hardly ever feel it, and so I'll disconnect for a shower or something 
and put it back on, but remember, I can't feel it.  So, I'll be halfway to 
school or something and suddenly get this really bad panicky feeling that I 
left my pump at home on the bathroom counter!! This happens to me at least 
once a week, and yet I haven't actually forgotten it yet!! Strange . . . 
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