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Re: [IP] Diabetes prank

At 02:29 PM 1/20/2000  Maureen Reagan wrote:
 >I laughed so hard when I read this.  I could completely relate with your
 >husband that kept going for the insulin.  The first few weeks I was
 >pumping, I would periodically panic.  I would have the thought "Oh no!  I
 >haven't had a shot in a REALLY long time!!!"  A look of complete panic went
 >across my face.  The first couple of times, classmates would ask what was
 >wrong.  After that they would whisper "Maureen, remember you are pumping
 >now."  LOL, it slowly stopped happening, but it took nearly 2 months before
 >it completely stopped.

Wait awhile... then you can get a panic attack because you forgot to bolus 
for that last meal or snack. It's always something... or maybe it should 
be: there's no rest for the diabetic.


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