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[IP] Re: Who's the expert? (Was MM vs Disetronic)

Laura wrote:
> I suggest that we all please comment only the pump(s) with which we are
> familiar and not spread information which we do not know to be true.

I am continually amazed at the disinformation that is being put forward on D's, by
presumably MM users.  I called the D info number (800-280-7801) who seemed to agree
that MM must be intentionally giving out false information on D's, through there
rep's.  I'm afraid that the MM sales people have lost all credibility with me because
of there seemingly obvious disregard for facts.  I have never seen anyone post a site,
or quote, that could be looked up.  Just that it is true.  I believe that the MM pumps
themselves have a lot of pluses and offer a choice and different advantages over the
D, YMMV.  Now, if an MM sales rep told me that diabetics should use insulin, I would
have to investigate it further, to make sure.

Some of the D 'facts' that have been posted to this list in this thread and earlier;
-'The D pumps do not last as long as MM's.  They have never lasted 10 years.'
Disetronic has only been in the US only since '91, which is when the V100 was
introduced so that it is very difficult to last 10 years.  The things that can go
wrong are very easily repaired at a minimal cost.
-'The warrantee is only 2 years and the units will need to be replaced, at users
expense after that, as it is programmed to fail.'
Covered on this thread, 2 years of running time each (4 years) after which they are
refurbished.  After the warrantee is over, the MOST that it would cost to rebuild
(motor, electronics, etc.) would be $375 (usually $175).  The earliest that the tech I
spoke with had seen a rebuild come in was at 6 years, at a cost of $175.  Because of
insurance, most users upgrade.  The D insurance people are nearly always able to
enable the user to get the insurance company to cover 80% with a 20% credit for the
old ones ($0 cost for user).  I would expect that MM's do the same.
-'D's are not really waterproof and D doesn't claim that they are and waterproof is
not a big deal.'
This hasn't been posted lately, but anyone quickly going through the D web site would
not post it.  I can personally attest that they are waterproof, even without the
plugs, although not to Titanic depths, and it would have been a major problem for me,
if it wasn't waterproof.
-There are 2 pumps because; 'they have to be sent back to Europe for repair' (a joke
as St Paul Minnesota is still in the US, where all the work is done), 'FDA requires it
because of the likelihood of breakdowns' (Switzerland, not FDA, requires it for all
medical equipment, as it is required for MM in Europe), 'the MM must be better BECAUSE
you only get one' (another joke, as the cost for the pumps is not in the manufacturing
and is like saying that 1 chevy is better than 2 volvo's (g)).
-'The problems with reprograming, and adjusting, for fatty foods takes hours and is
complicated.'  (It takes literally seconds with a little forethought, although the
square wave is much better at this and is one of the advantages for MM.)

These are the only ones I can think of for now, there is more.  I'm sure that there
have been inaccuracies posted on MM's. I don't know what they are, but there must be.
Normally when D users post, they are telling what they like about their pump, or
answering inaccuracies of the D.  Often, when MMer's post, it is to put down the D and
to say 'let's see your pump do that'.  If someone would post proof for any of the
above claims, I would guess that D would be interested in seeing something written
down that could be responded to.

I suggested to Disetronic that they should be members of this list (they thought it
was an MM outlet) which would be a plus for all, as the more participation the better.

I am not putting down the MM pump. My only statements on the pump were positive.  I am
putting down those who use only sales people as sources.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
You can run away from home and join a circus, but you can't run away from the circus
and join a home.
 - Fred the Clown, from the National Shrine Circus

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