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[IP] Just Venting about Sils - Greta

Hi Greta:  I was scared to death of the Sil - I can't tell you how many times 
I held that thing in my hand and tried to insert it.  One day - after two 
tries with the Soft-Cert and 'missing', I couldn't face doing it the third 
time.  I figured it's now or never with the Sil or go back to injections.  I 
brought up the instructions for Silhouette insertion on the monitor and did 
it - no ice, no Emla. I haven't used a Soft-Set since.  

With me, being also on the thin side, I was running out of places for the 
S/S, and I just kept hitting gushers. I was getting really nervous about my 
sets.  I did request some of the micro's, but haven't used them as yet.  I 
will give them a try - someday.

Don't give up - just remember that whole needle doesn't enter your body.  
Besides, you can gently press the point against your skin until you find a 
place that isn't going to hurt. Keep trying, you can do it!

Hugs, Joanne
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