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Re: [IP] Tender Site Life Short - Considering Velosulin/Humalog Mix

Andrea -

My logic may be twisted too, but I've used both sof-set and silhouettes.  On
the sofets, the set hurt the whole first day, but usually then went away.
Becuase of the "feel" of the set, never had it in long anyway.  BUT!  These
silhouettes!  The one I took out today felt crystal clear, never hurt for a
second - they never do, these silhouettes, but had to change it anyway
becuase my resevoir would have been empty (<20u left).

I use straight humalog.  Go figure!  Have never used a mix of insulin in my
pump.  Based on my experience, it would not be the straight humalog that you
usee in your pump that would account for your short (?) set's life.  just my
humble opinion.  Good luck figuring it out, and PLEASE let the rest of us
know your answer!

Take care, jane

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