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[IP] kidney/panc transplants AND dreams

My GI doc ordered another round of  blood tests for no apparent reason (had
them all done 3 wks ago), but one of them was an a1c... last night I dreamed
it was 5.4 (never been below 7.0 my whole I think).  I was really
disappointed to wake up ;)

Second, I have a colleague whose wife had a pancreas/kidney transplant in
1990.  I asked her to write up a short note about why she had it, what she
thinks about it, what the antirejection drugs are like... coming soon.  She
wrote me a short note and the one sentence that stood out was "I'd rather be
on insulin than immunosuppressants if my diabetes was under control."  YMMV,
but I will post that soon when all is done and said :) It seemed a lot of
people were curious so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask!


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