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[IP] Diabetes prank

i've been 
>diabetic for 30 years, and i needed to give insulin.  right as i put the 
>needle in my arm, she said, "aren't you on the pump?"

>quite an effort to draw up insulin and thus would remind me. :)  I do
>one with me in a separate compartment from my insulin so that I can inject
>if my bg goes too high.  

Talk about old habits being hard to break...........
I played an aweful joke on my husband about four times before he realized
what was going on.  I've been on the pump a little over two weeks. And
every time in that time period when we would get ready to go somewhere
with our kids, I would load them into our van and yell back to my husband,
still in the house, to grab my insulin on his way out.  It was so funny
he would coming running out  asking where did I put it because he couldn't
find my old bag I kept it in.  By the fourth time He didn't fall for it,
but it was soooooo funny.  I was always standing there pointing to my pump
when he'd come out of the house.

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