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[IP] hospital stay

>Yes, 3 daysin the hospital seems long and yes, a hospital stay is not for
everyone, but
>it's an option for those who need it. Remember when you were a new pump
>user? Like most of us, you probably had a million questions. What better
>place to get a quick and correct answer? Doctor's, nurses, dieticians,
>physical therapists all waiting to serve. Where else can you get such good

If you find a hospital where more that your endo and the CDE are even
moderately knowledgeable about the pump, you are doing well!  My son spent 3
days in the hospital at the University of Virginia when he went on the pump
and I knew more than any of the nurses, interns or anyone we came in contact
with, other than the endo and his CDE.  And our endo was rather new at
putting patients on the pump, so I'm not too sure about him!

If we had questions, we got out the book and read until we found the
answers.  I think we could have done as well at home and been much more
comfortable.  Most of the hospital staff was very ignorant about the pump.

I'd vote for an outpatient start next time.

Betsy Smith
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