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Re: Stress Effect on Bgs (was)[IP] 2pm lows

i often get low from stress...  used to always happen before i performed
in plays...  i got a really horible reaction during an exam at college
once... the TA was really nice, and made me "swear on this pile of blue
books"  that i wouldn't go away and cheat, but instead i'd just go get
food...  ;)  i came back later, and it was amazing to see just how my
handwriting and thought process deteriorated as i had worked through the
exam...  i ended up getting an A, when i finished it later... my TA's and
the prof had no problem believing that i was really physically/mentally
impaired by my low bg....  (they could even see how i lost motor
control!!!)  kind-of funny as it was a "cognitive development" course...


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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