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Re: Stress Effect on Bgs (was)[IP] 2pm lows

>     My friend's daughter went low (50s)while taking the SATs & nonethless
> managed to get in the low 1500s. Next time she took them, same thing
> & she got a 1560!!....

Diabetics just seem to be smarter than the average bear!  Tee-hee.  Yes,
I've discovered after numerous exams that my bg was low, and I always get
pi$$ed off about it; but amazingly, I've never completely failed an exam
from low bg.  In fact, when I was in high school, there were times when I
felt low during a test but did nothing to correct it until afterward because
in my hypoglycemic-confused mind it felt like a challenge to test just how
low could I be and still do Algebra (or whatever)?  It was stupid and I
don't recommend it, but you know how confused and adamant about things we
can get when we're low!  If that girl got a 1560 with low bg, just think how
high she COULD have scored!?!
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