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[IP] MM and disetronic..warranties

I agree, that not every pump is for everyone, and you have to weigh the pros
and cons of each pump and decide which features are more important to you
than others.  There should not be pump wars here.  They each have their
plusses and their minuses.

I have been told that with the Disetronic (I know some wearers), while each
pump is warranted for 2 years, it doesn't mean it breaks.  As was explained
to me by the Disetronic rep, they just need to be sent in for a checkup and
testing to insure that the pump is still working properly.  My friend with a
Disetronic (he's had it for more than 4 years) said that anytime he's sent
his in for a checkup, they've never charged him for it.  And it's still
working for him.  I don't know what the actual life expectancy is for each
pump, but I imagine a lot has to do with your lifestyle and how much abuse
it will be subjected to (unintentional or intentional).  I'm leaning towards
the Disetronic pump because it is waterproof and I like having a spare.
These two features are important to me.  They might not be to you.

For those who are looking to get a pump, no one can tell you which pump is
best.  We all have our personal feelings about pumps.  It's a decision that
you must make yourself, and in the long run, all the pumps do one thing,
help you to manage your blood sugars and live a "normal" life.  My 2 cents
worth.  :)

Type 1 for 37 years

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