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Re: [IP] Insurance company co-pays


Congrats on finally getting Kap pumping.  I've not gotten to the "fighting
with the insurance" stage yet, but I fear I'm in for the fight of my life
(sheesh, I may have a fight on my hands just to get more than 100 test
strips each month!).  I wonder also if a class action suit could be brought
against insurance companies for all diabetics, probably not, but are there
any attorneys out there with suggestions?  I've written my state government
people and haven't even gotten a response, don't know if they care or not.
You'd think that the insurance companies would have realized by now, that
we, especially those of us who have been dealing with this disease for a
number of years, know what we need for our care.  And, in the long run, it's
cheaper for them to just keep us healthy, although I sometimes wonder if
they'd rather just see us die and be done with us!  Sorry, beginning to vent

It's bad enough that we have to deal with the ups and downs (literally) of
this disease without having to deal with insurance companies who have their
guidelines written by people who don't have a clue, who have never
experienced diabetes either directly or indirectly, at least that's the way
it appears to me.  And, when I look at the premium payment for insurance (I
handle it at work) and see premiums for $700 or more per month per employee,
I wonder why they can't at least let me have the supplies I need per month
to insure my good health and keep me from becoming more expensive to them.
Sheesh... (done venting now).

Type 1 for 37 years

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