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Re: [IP] RE: Thyroid

>Well, since the subject was brought up, I am going to ask if anyone here
>had a nuclear imaging scan done on their thyroid (as mentioned I am having
>problems with mine).  My doc's assistant called this morning to tell me
>I needed to drive 50 miles to the office to take radioactive iodine,  (must
>fast before this, and can't eat anything for 2 hours after - would be
>said and done if I was on the pump right now - but not yet!) and then I
>to drive another 120 miles on Friday to where the imaging equipment is
>located for the scan.   From my understanding my doc will be able to see my
>thyroid and any nodules, etc.  that might be causing the problem.  I'm also
>wondering if any of you could tell me when I could expect results from it.
>I'm looking forward to getting it taken care of so I can feel like my old
>self again!!!  lol

I work as a medical physicist in Nuclear Medicine. I haven't been involved
myself in radioactive iodine thyroid scans for some time, but know the
principles of it - other people's responses seem pretty accurate - the scan
is done in order to get images of the thyroid and any nodules, and sometimes
to make estimates for potential treatment with larger doses of radioactive
iodine (as someone else wrote).  As to when you can expect to hear the
results of the scan, this will depend on the policy of the imaging centre -
some places they have physicians read the scans very quickly after, other
places they dont give results until they have done a second reading the
following day, usually to get a consensus between experienced physicians.
If you have any more detailed questions, let me know - if I dont know the
answers, I can ask colleagues.
hope this helps,

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