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[IP] Cure

email @ redacted wrote:
> The Bayer rep talked about how they are working on more non-invasive devices
> and better testing methods using capillary instead of whole blood....she went
> on for a good 5 min of the "improvements."   I listened carefully, and then
> asked..."Why not put all that money into a CURE?"  Dead silence...

Because a cure is not so simple -- if you've ever read the articles that
come out in the scientific journals, your head would spin. :(

We have to balance our resources -- if ALL the money went to trying to
find a cure, it still might take 10, 20, 30 or 50 years, and meanwhile,
what about all the diabetics who are just trying to live their lives and
can't WAIT for a cure??

What about all the newly diagnosed people, both adults and children, who
NEED the education and the resources and ANYTHING they can get to make
their lives more livable?? I would sure hate to take the progress in
treatments away from them!

Even the meters and the pump that we now have are tremendous
improvements over what people had even 20 years ago. My life is FAR
easier than that of someone who coped with diabetes in the 60's and
70's! I would hate to not have my meter and my pump because all the
money had been directed toward a search for a cure -- it WOULDN'T have
come any faster with more money, because the basic research wasn't

The basic research is only being done now because technology has
improved -- and they're still a long way from answering all the
questions. You can spend all the money you want, but if the technology
isn't there, the cure will not be found. 

The money that Bayer, MiniMed, etc. spend on technology MAY end up
developing a good artificial pancreas -- and it may come sooner than any
cure. Me, I won't put all my eggs in one basket, and I'll take, with
gratitude, the efforts of all the people who are trying to make life
better for me, whether or not it's a CURE. 

With compassion for ALL,
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