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Re: [IP] Hospital stay to start on Pump

Jeff Bartik wrote:
> Yes, 3 days
> in the hospital seems long and yes, a hospital stay is not for everyone, but
> it's an option for those who need it. Remember when you were a new pump
> user? Like most of us, you probably had a million questions. What better
> place to get a quick and correct answer? Doctor's, nurses, dieticians,
> physical therapists all waiting to serve. Where else can you get such good
> service?

> P.S., I didn't have a choice, my doctor requires a 2 day stay!

What seems important to me is that there be a CHOICE -- which should be
made in consultation with the doc and the patient. 

Some people really benefit from the stay and others don't.

My doc really WANTED a 3-day hospital stay for me, but the insurance
company wouldn't hear of it. It strikes me that it should NEVER be the
insurance company that makes that kind of choice!

In retrospect, I'm perfectly happy that the start-up was out-patient --
I really didn't need a hospital stay, but that's ME -- other people
might be different!

In my utopia, the doc and I would have discussed it in far more depth to
begin with, and made a decision. I would have advocated strongly for
outpatient, but if he truly wasn't comfortable with it, I might have
gone along with him -- it's his sense of responsibility, I'm sure. 

I wouldn't even mind having an insurance company advocate in on the
discussion, but I HATE it when THEY make medical decisions! 


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