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Re: [IP] All Endos are Not Equal

email @ redacted wrote:
> call for changes in dose, I'd be told "no changes."  When pushed they finally
> admitted he never saw the numbers I faxed to him .

Reminds me of the first endo I saw -- I KNEW I was developing diabetes,
and was testing -- he told me I didn't have diabetes -- so I sent him a
sheet of numbers -- fastings always above 150 and post-prandials always
in the mid to high 200's, and his nurse called me and said between
gritted teeth "You're NOT diabetic! You have impaired glucose

Even as a beginner, I already knew the diagnosis standards -- so that
was the last time I consulted HIM!

Shortly afterward, I had a coronary artery spasm, and I'm still
convinced that the high BGs contributed to it. 

My current endo is not particularly pro-active, but he cooperates with
whatever *I* want, so I'm staying with him. *I* was the one who insisted
on going on insulin (I was so symptomatic I couldn't stand it any more!
BGs were in the 200's and 300's but I'm sensitive to symptoms -- it's
REALLY hard to teach a class when you're so dry you can't talk and you
gotta PEE so bad you have to cross your legs!) and he would never have
mentioned the pump if I hadn't asked for it.  

My biggest fear of doctors is that they might go off on some half-cocked
idea, because it's the current fad -- or who quickly assign you to
pigeonholes when you might be the proverbial zebra in spite of it all.
Like the GP who wanted to switch me on Glucophage shortly after I'd
gotten my first REAL control on insulin. Sorry, but if it ain't broke,
PLEASE don't fix it!!!!!

I'm really not putting down doctors in general -- the fact is they're
HUMAN, like the rest of us, and there are good ones and bad ones, and
some who just don't fit YOUR needs, but might be great for someone else. 

I'd make the same statement about school teachers!!!!! (Of which I ARE


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