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RE: [IP] Hospital stay to start on Pump

I have very good insurance through my employer that DID pay for my pump.
Just because I have insurance doesn't mean that it's something that I needed
to do (the stay in the hospital).  I got along fine the way I chose to
implement my pump.  Other people may not feel as comfortable as I did with
the way I chose.  I guess my original post was simply to state how I
implemented my pump.  

Sometimes email loses something in the translation.  I meant nothing by my
original post.


	Jeff wrote:
> Lea,
> It seems like you spent a lot to time with a lot of different people to
> help
> you with the pump. All I'm saying is that you can see all these people
> anytime you want by staying in the hospital. Yes, without insurance, a
> hospital stay is probably out of the question, but if your insurance
> helped
> pay for the pump, they'll pay for the hospital stay.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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