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Re: [IP] All Endos are Not Equal

We are on our 4th endo in 11 years.  The first one was kind but (ahem) less 
than brilliant when it came to day to day management.  "A1C - 12 - Keep up 
the good work".  UGH

Second endo was compassionate and took lots of time with us but was far away 
and I didn't want to go to the teaching hospital where she was at and drag my 
newborn infant along with my toddler with diabetes and wait for hours until 
seeing her.  This was a mistake in retrospect, because she was excellent.

Third endo was very intelligent but had no bedside manner.  He once told me 
that "if your son was at my house, his bgs would be in range almost all the 
time."  I should have told him to take my son home with him!  Pompous #$%.  
His wife ran the office and sometimes when we had a series of lows and I'd 
call for changes in dose, I'd be told "no changes."  When pushed they finally 
admitted he never saw the numbers I faxed to him .

Current endo is a delight. She's brilliant and down to earth. She not only 
wants to make a difference in her patients' lives, she does make a 
difference.  She's empowering.  She answers EVERY question and takes all the 
time we need when we see her.  She speaks directly to the children and makes 
them feel important.  I've finally learned what to expect from a physician - 
the very best.

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