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[IP] Who's the expert? (Was MM vs Disetronic)

Laura wrote:
"I suggest that we all please comment only the pump(s) with which we are
familiar and not spread information which we do not know to be true."

Thank you Laura!!! 

This entire thread reminded me of encounters in the parents chat room at the 
Children With Diabetes website with one person who frequently feels a need to 
malign pump therapy or play devil's advocate when  pump therapy and children 
is being considered and discussed.  She feels she's an expert on pediatric 
diabetes care.  Her child does not use a pump and therefore she has no 
firsthand knowledge of how well it can work.  The pump may not be everyone's 
choice.  While I know the pump is not perfect and can be frustrating at 
times, I do know that for my child it works so much better than injection 
therapy ever did.  I'm  happy with our Disetronic pumps.

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